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Nov 26, 2013

A quick shot at the sauces made by Carrefour. Some of these private labels are appetizing. I am pretty sceptical though about the squeezy bearnaise. The 4 classic sauces pack made me sad as it is what we are used to get for barbecues under the sun. Otherwise you have bearnaise, pepper, bourguignonne, tartare and samouraï.

Nov 21, 2013

These are anchovies in a spicy sauce, an Auchan private label. (Made of oil and chilli purée) it is quite good, tasty but not too spicy. Perfect for an apéro! You must like salty food though because this kind of anchovies are very salty. We will try to contact Auchan (French supermarket) to know how they make this sauce, and the others.

Nov 20, 2013 / 1 note

This was my yesterday’s lunch at “Le Churchill” restaurant in Limoges. I had an incredible roastbeef with homemade French fries and béarnaise sauce. You might not know this but the béarnaise must be served warm! (I precise it as we get it cold most of the time). This restaurant is a typical brasserie à la française in the heart of Limoges. We will soon make homemade gourmet sauce with its owner : Marianne Ladant. Basically the bearnaise sauce is an emulsion made of clarified butter, egg yolk, shallot and tarragon. If you pass by Limoges, stop at le Churchill and have a great lunch or dinner and a nice chat with Marianne!

Nov 9, 2013

Have a look at this double cheeseburger I had in a restaurant in San Sebastian in Spain. And for less than 8€… The sauce is a ketchup by Prima, which is a Spanish brand. Have a look at their range of products here :
It was different from The ketchup I usually have, it tasted more like a tomato sauce, pretty concentrated. (See the color on the pics) And the sweety part of ketchup was not significative. Concerning, the French fries, nothing amazing…

Nov 8, 2013

Pizza time with a fabulous margarita !!! With spicy oil made by Gyma, a French company we will soon talk about! Pretty spicy I would say. Follow us to get more information. Twitter : @saucequest

Nov 8, 2013

Last night, i had Indian lunch at Taj Mahal in my city, Bordeaux. I was looking for a nice Indian restaurant and it was a good choice. Of course we had cheese nan, then tikka lamb as a starter (see the pick) and then lamb again with a peanut and cream sauce. They were all good picks, especially the starter, perfectly cooked. Concerning the sauces (Indian food is pretty saucy), see the three sauces you usually get in Indian restaurants (each has its own way of making them) : mint white/yoghourt sauce, banana sauce (here with real bits of bananas) and the spicy one with lime bits and green peppers. The only one i did not enjoy is the banana one, too sweet for me and I did not like the limp texture of bananas in the sauce. Finally, the creamy peanut sauce was very good, tasty and nice to mix with rice.

Nov 6, 2013

Here is tonight’s dinner saucy buddies! Chicken, green bean and chestnuts… AND Heinz 57 steak sauce made of tomatoes, apples, dry raisin and ginger! Enjoy it, it’s great! Spices, subtile, smooth and everything.

Nov 6, 2013

Ce midi, c’était bo bun de Picard surgelés avec sa sauce épicée. Elle était épicée mais non piquante. L’ensemble était plutôt bien même si le micro ondes ramollit pas mal les nems. Je me suis permis d’y rajouter de la sauce piquante chipotle et ail de Heinz. Un bon coup de pied à ce plat. Il serait intéressant de savoir si Picard a un expert sauce!

Nov 5, 2013

Some sauces when I was in Barcelona ! I couldn’t wait for the waiter to bring the sauces with my friend’s burger ! (on the left :)

The ketchup by Millas. (

The Mostaza Orlande by Heinz ! ( This brand might only be distributed in Spain by Heinz.

I really did not know Orlando, but I am pretty happy to learn new things about Heinz. :)

Oct 30, 2013

Hot dogs at Ikea in Bordeaux. 50cts €, let’s say nothing! :) One is with mayonnaise and ketchup and the other one only mustard.